Reading list

Here is a random assortment of links to useful online resources, some of which might be hard to find.


Primary sources (20th-century music)

  • Pult und Taktstock (journal for conductors; 1924-1930) contents pdfs
  • Musikblätter des Anbruch (1919-1937) contents pdfs


JavaScript track

Recommended sequence of reading if you already are familiar with another programming language (any).

  1. Marijn Haverbeke, Eloquent JavaScript
  2. Crockford on JavaScript (YouTube)
  3. Axel Rauschmeyer, Speaking Javascript
  4. Kyle Simpson, You Don’t Know JS

Some people (Amazon reviewers…) find Haverbeke terse and not suitable for beginners. These reasons alone make it a valuable introductory resource for anyone who as exposure to at least one other programming language (any paradigm). The capstone project (Chapter 19) is especially wonderful, exemplifying modularity and abstraction using the language’s built-in features. Haverbeke could work in an intro to programming course with supporting lecture material and labs.

Other books that are somewhat useful, but only in conjunction with other material:

Other stuff