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I am a Ph.D. graduand at Columbia University in the Department of Music. I graduated from Trinity College, Dublin with a B.A. (Mod.) Mathematics and Music in June 2013. I joined the Department of Music at Columbia University in Fall 2013. I research early computational applications in music studies and describe their influence on the emergent discipline of music theory. Why?

For many, the computer is an appliance sitting on desks. But computers actually have much wider reach, and researchers are feverishly working to extend their application into every corner of life. Invisible computers lurk everywhere—in the toaster, the toy, the automobile, the television, the stove. Computers underlie many systems that people rely on—telephones, manufacturing, transportation, health care, finance, and government. Even more profoundly, digital information systems have changed cultural patterns, for example, in the ways people are abstracted and represented, the ways social decisions are made, the ways we attribute value to information, and the ways that images are used to shape meaning.

(Stephen Wilson, Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology. Leonardo. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 2002, p. 605.)