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Columbia University

  • (2019) Ph.D. Music Theory.
  • (2017) M.Phil Music Theory
  • (2015) M.A. Music Theory

Trinity College Dublin

  • (2013) B.A. (Mod.) Music and Mathematics (Styled M.A. (Dubl.) as of April 2020)


  • Eamonn Bell, “Hacking Jeff Minter’s Virtual Light Machine: Unpacking the code and community behind an early software-based music visualizer” in Volume!: La revue des musiques populaires 2019/2 (16:1), Special issue on Music and Hacking, November 2019. [publisher link] [open access (from 1/2023) 🔓]
  • Eamonn Bell and Laurent Pugin, “Learning to extract handwritten annotations from digitized images of musical scores,” in International Journal on Digital Libraries, Special issue on Digital Libraries for Musicology, July 2018. [publisher free-to-view link 🔓] [doi]


  • “Choosing, using, and building effective software tools for research with symbolic music corpora” in The Oxford Handbook of Music and Corpus Studies. Edited by Daniel Shanahan, Ashley Burgoyne, and Ian Quinn. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.


As Guest

As Host

  • Interview with Mack Hagood, author of Hush: Media and Sonic Self-Control (2019) for New Books Network (ed. Marshall Poe)/New Books in Music. 12 August 2020. [podcast]
  • Interview with Rachel Mundy, author of Animal Musicalities: Birds, Beasts, and Evolutionary Listening (2018) for New Books Network (ed. Marshall Poe)/New Books in Music. 7 July 2020. [podcast]
  • Interview with Nick Prior, author of Popular Music, Digital Technology and Society (2018) for New Books Network (ed. Marshall Poe)/New Books in Music. 18 May 2020. [podcast]
  • Interview with Thor Magnusson, author of Sonic Writing: Technologies of Material, Symbolic, and Signal Inscriptions (2019) for New Books Network (ed. Marshall Poe)/New Books in Music. 15 April 2020. [podcast]



  • “The test-disc cultures of the audio compact disc (CD) format” at Sound Instruments and Sonic Cultures: An Interdisciplinary Conference, Bradford, UK. (December 15—16 2020).
  • “Subverting algorithmic policies of sonic control in Nicolas Collins’s Broken Light (1992)” at Joint Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society and the Society for Music Theory (AMS/SMT), Minneapolis, MN. (November 5–8 2020)
  • “‘Cracked’ CDs, ‘hotwired’ players and the sounds of format failure in Nicolas Collins’s Broken Light (1992)” at 18th Annual Society for Musicology in Ireland Plenary Conference. University College Dublin School of Music, Dublin, Ireland. 25–27 June 2020. (29–31 October 2020)


  • “Exploring time-coded comments on YouTube music videos: The past, present, and future of an emerging source for digital musicology” at Like, share and subscribe: Youtube, music and cyberculture before and after the new decade. Research Cluster in Music and Cyberculture (CysMus). Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas - NOVA FCSH, Lisbon, Portugal. (October 1–3 2020) [slides, video, and outline]
  • “Reanimating the CDLink platform: A challenge for the preservation of mid-1990s Web-based interactive media and” at Engaging with Web Archives: Opportunities, Challenges and Potentialities (#EWA20), Maynooth University. 15–16 April 2020. (21—22 September 2020) [slides, video, and outline]
  • “Format fractures in media-focused sound art spanning the analog/digital divide”, lunchtime talk for students in the Masters in Music and Media Technology (MMT) degree program at Stack B, Trinity College Dublin (2 February 2020) [slides]
  • “‘Cracked’ CDs, ‘hotwired’ players and the sounds of format failure in Nicolas Collins’s Broken Light (1992)” at Department of Music Research Colloquium, Trinity College Dublin (11 February 2020)
  • “Opening the ‘Red Book’: The digital Audio CD format from the viewpoint between musicology and media studies” at School of Creative Arts Research Forum, Trinity College Dublin (10 February 2020) [recording]
  • “Abraham Moles Redux: Théorie de l’information et perception esthétique (1958) and Its Sources” at Recursions: Music and Cybernetics in Historical Perspective, University of Edinburgh, Scotland (24–25 October 2019) [talk outline/working paper]
  • “Information theory at the keyboard: Henry Quastler’s ‘Studies of Human Channel Capacity’ (1956)” at Computational Auditory Perception Research Group, Max-Planck-Institut für empirische Ästhetik, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (22 January 2019) [abstract] [talk outline]
  • “Designing incentives for crowdworker collection of a ground-truth dataset for use in score-image annotation tasks” at SIMSSA workshop XVII: Infrastructure for music discovery, CIRMMT, McGill University, Montréal, QC (1 December 2018)
  • “‘Syntax-Based Analytic Reading of Musical Scores’: Music theory at the MIT AI Group 1965 to 1968” SIGCIS 2018, St. Louis, MO (October 2018)
  • “Active listening and the appropriation of high technology: A close reading of Jeff Minter’s interactive audio visualizer, The Virtual Light Machine”, Music and the Moving Image 2018, NYU Steinhardt (26-28 May 2018)
  • “Forms as algorithms: The case of the ‘normal form’”, Sound and Sonorities: Form and Forms in Music, Buffalo State College (SUNY Buffalo State) (27 April 2018) [talk outline]
  • “‘A Viennese May Breeze’: Twelve-tone theory and the machine”, Music Theory Society of New York State Annual Conference 2018, Hunter College, CUNY (14/15 April 2018) [handout] [slides]
  • “Hacking music, matter, and mind in Jeff Minter’s Virtual Light Machine” at Music and Hacking: Instruments, Communities, Values, Musée du Quai Branly, Paris (8/9 November 2017)
  • “Seeing ear to ear: lessons from music visualization” at history of visualization / visualization in history, Studio@Butler, Columbia University (8 April 2017)
  • Eamonn Bell and Laurent Pugin, “Approaches to handwritten conductor annotation extraction in musical scores” at Digital Libraries for Musicology Workshop 2016, New York, NY (12 August 2016) [proceedings] [slides]
  • Eamonn Bell and Jaan Altosaar, “Applications of Word Embedding Models to a Classical Music Corpus: Stylistic Analysis and Composer Classification” at Machine Learning for Music Discovery Workshop, International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2016, New York, NY (23 June 2016) [paper] [slides]


Columbia University (New York, NY)

Other activities

  • Conference program, Women Music Power (2015) [pdf]
  • Conference program, Current Musicology 50th Anniversary Conference (2015) [pdf]
  • Conference program, Columbia Music Scholarship Conference 2014 [pdf]
  • Student journal, Writings About Music (Trinity College Dublin), 1/1 (2012) [pdf]


  • Center for Science and Society, “Seed Grant Spotlight: Eamonn Bell and Katy Ilonka Gero” (11 October 2018) [live]
  • Columbia Spectator, “Early Music conference strives to preserve tradition in digital age” (23 October 2014) [live] [archive] (with Russell O’Rourke)
  •, “This great infographic explains how TDs use Twitter” (30 July 2013) [live] [archive] Other outlets: [] []