Satisfaction and blogging on-the-go

It seems to me that, increasingly, once you’ve overcome the barrier to entry that is the cost of hardware, the next challenge is to find a reliable, secure and affordable data package that permits you to take your business on the go.

I’m very satisfied with the devices that I’m using right now - a Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a knock-off bluetooth keyboard cover that provides a full, sturdy QWERTY keyboard and portable protection for the tablet. Paired with a 3G handset, it provides the potential for a pop-up media station, offering recording of video, voice and text. Distribution is a snap. This really does have the power to change things, if we could get these kinds of devices in the hands of journalists around the world. Of course, Twitter is helping - but the depth of analysis and detail it provides (little) is a bit disconcerting. It facilitates newsbites, when often, the story or the tale is infinitely more complex.

It’s a step in the right direction.