30 days of iPython

See the GitHub repo here

I suck at Python. I write Python like I’m still 10 years old, programming in QBASIC. I don’t even need to be a good better programmer in my line of work (I’m a music student), but it’s something that I’ve wanted to work on for a while, and I know the only way to improve is to write, write, write.

I love iPython Notebook (a.k.a. Jupyter + Python 2 kernel) because it allows me to mess up, fix my mistakes, and run the code again. It also supports cells that contain prose, rendered from Markdown source, so it’s a perfect engine for blogging about the code that I intend to write, using the same tool I’m writing the code with.

So, I’ll foist my code upon the world. Short projects, one a day, all using iPython and I’ll publish the projects in this repository, along with a short post explaining the project, what motivated it, and the process of bringing it into life.