iPython Notebooks

A home for some of my iPython notebooks connected to academic projects. Other code can be found on Github

  • (August 2015) A computer-assisted exploration of visual themes in Taylor Swift’s music videos [GitHub Gist] [nbviewer]
  • (September 2015) A work-in-progress examination of the TML (Latin music theory treatise) database [GitHub] [nbviewer]
  • (September 2015) First run analysis of concert program data from the New York Philharmonic [GitHub Gist] [nbviewer]
  • (April 2016) Mining the Performance History of the New York Philharmonic from 1842-2015 [GitHub] [Repository]
  • (June 2016) Applying word-embedding models to a large classical music corpus [GitHub]
  • (October 2016) Explaining ‘Explaining the Gibbs Sampler’ [nbviewer]
  • (March 2017) Introduction to DFT and Fourier phase space for music analysis [GitHub Gist]